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Thread: User SPAM Report

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    Default User SPAM Report

    Any way a Zimbra User can get a listing of the SPAM/Virus mail that was stoped and not sent to their account?

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    I cannot see a way to do this if the email has gone above the kill threshold then it will be gone for good. You could vote for this RFE Bug 14167 - Improved spam filtering and reporting and ask for additional user reporting.

    The alternative, which I do myself, is to put a second Postfix instance infront of Zimbra and let that perform the AS/AV function. For reference I use a combination of ::: Official Home Page for MailScanner - Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filter ::: and . Obviously this means that ZCS is not integrated with it, but it does allow for user based quarantine reports etc.

    Personally I would like to see MailScanner being used instead of Amavis as IMHO it offers a greater degree of control, and would be relatively easy to integrate.

    Hope that helps.
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    You could always leave the tag threshold low and set your kill threshold even higher--then more would wind up in the junk box, which the user will see. I can't see why, but I don't have to. . .just watch that the junk box doesn't eat your users' quotas alive. . .



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