I'm considering a migration from iPlanet Messaging Server to Zimbra. One piece I need to evaluate for my supervisor is the use of standard IMAP clients like Outlook Express and Thunderbird. I've already posted a question on the Mozillazine Thunderbird forum regarding my problem. I firmly believe the problem lies with Thunderbird, but haven't recieved a response so I'm wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience? I really want to try Zimbra with Thunderbird, but it's not working for me in my multidomain configuration. Below is a copy of my post from the Mozillazine Thunderbird forum:


I'm a mail administrator for a medium sized organization. One of the rules that I put in place was that all users MUST use IMAP as their mail transport. For various reasons this is more desirable than POP. I took over the mail system when we migrated to iPlanet Messaging Server (now SunOne). On my desktop (Linux), I used to use Mozilla Mail and now use Firefox as my mail client. One of the first problems I ran into when we moved from Netscape Mail 3.0 to iPlanet Messaging Server was IMAP logins. Before I posted this, I did a bit of Googling and also searched the forums here, but have found no satisfactory solution for the problem, which I believe to be a design issue in Thunderbird. (Unless there is some obscure setting in user.js or prefs.js I'm not aware of) For clarity, I'll try to break this down within my example:

My e-mail address on a test server is: eno2001@ztest.myorganization.com
My username on the test server is: eno2001@ztest.myorganization.com
My IMAP/SMTP server host name is: zimbratest.myorganization.com

Since this server will host multiple mail domains, the username format MUST be user@domain.com. There is no way around this and it is pretty standard practice with every mail server I've seen that handles multiple mail domains. So I fill in my account information using the above info. However when I attempt to log in, Thunderbird appends the server name to the username which prevents the login from working:

eno2001@ztest.myorganization.com@zim... nization.com

This results in a login failure since the mail server will never recognize the above as a proper login. Support folks at iPlanet gave me a workaround for this by changing an obscure setting to allow a '+' to be used in place of the '@' in the username. That would present:


This worked. But it occurs to me that this shouldn't be an issue at the server end. It is a CLIENT end issue. Thunderbird's behavior is correct for servers that only host one domain. If my account info were:

e-mail address: eno2001@domain.com
un: eno2001
server: domain.com

The result 'eno2001@domain.com' would be correct. I've been seeing this issue since 2000 and it still pops up to bite me from time to time. The workaround on the iPlanet server worked. I use CourierIMAP at home which also appears to just accept the the user@domain.com@server.domain.com format. I am now starting to test with Zimbra to move away from SunOne and I've run into the same problem again. While it might be convenient to have Thunderbird formulate the login by appending the server name to the user name, it's not correc in every instance. Why not add a checkbox next to the UN field that says "Send UN exactly as entered (do not append server name)". This would allow users to configure whether or not the login gets sent in that way or not. The default could be that this box is unchecked since it doesn't always happen. Does anyone know if this is a setting in prefs.js or user.js? None of the Knowledgbase or Forum articles mention a way around this.


Note: I've already searched the Zimbra forums here for all thunderbird related questions and I haven't found any answers.