How's it going guys.

I have a couple questions regarding my hosting provider partnership, since I'm redesignin our company site

1. Can I change the zimbra logo and rebrand the email system? Say Toqen Sync? I'm refering to the zimbra logo in login, and when you get into the mail. Although I don't really have plans to totally remove zimbra name (i will reference to it as zimbra powered), but is it allowed? Can I customize the connectors and other software so that it matches my logo and my name instead of zimbra? like the outlook connector and desktop.

2. Is there a way to integrate zimbra provisioning with a billing system, so that the emails/accoutns are created on the fly isntead of the client waiting for us to manually create their accounts when they sign up.

3. How do I get displayed in the list of zimra partners?

btw, it was nice seeing you guys during the macworld expo