I really like the drag an email to the Calendar to create an appointment with all the recipients. It would be even better if it would also add any email attachments as Calendar attachments. Perhaps this could be an enhancement?

Trying to find a work around for the above suggested another enhancement. Attachments are hard to move from one message to another. For example, I receive email from three people concerning a topic, each with an attachment I want to combine the messages and attachments and forward it to my boss. Or I decide to create a meeting. I can deal with the message bodies relatively easily. However, to add the attachments I have to save them to my local hard disk, note where they are saved, and then manually attach them individually. It would be much nicer to drag them from the received message to the attachment icon or browse window. Since I can drag the attachments around, it seems like you are part way there. As an alternative, if clicking the attachment icon allowed me to browse my attachments stored on the Zimbra server, that would make attaching them much easier. Thanks.