I use multiple clients, trying to see how different things interact. My main messagestore is my zimbra machine (using zimbra of course). For my clients I am using the zimbra interface, evolution, and mutt (coworker using Outlook as well).

I have one folder under my INBOX named NANOG. Yesterday in evolution, I selected all in that folder, marked as delete, then purged. After that, my mutt and zimbra showed that there is a new message in that folder, evolution did not. I went into the folder and there were no new messages.

This morning I had some new messages in that folder, but didn't think to check the accuracy of the count. After reading the messages, it is back to always showing that there is 1 new message. I will check when a new message comes in tomorrow if it shows the total +1 as the number of new messages or if it shows the actual number.

Has anybody seen this before? A forum search turned up no similar issues.

Blue skies... Todd