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Thread: Exchange Migration Wizard... Which versions of exchange?

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    Default Exchange Migration Wizard... Which versions of exchange?

    Does the migration wizard support Exchange 5.x? I'm able to get a list of users through the object picker, but when I actually choose someone, it never shows up on the list of users to migrate.

    Since Exchange 5.x has its' own ldap server (running on a different port than the standard 389 due to Active Directory conflicts), I was wondering if things would work correctly if I could get the migration wizard to query a different server/port combo.

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    The MigrationWizard's object picker/query builder will work with Exchange 5.x. The object picker you are using is the IDsObjectPicker (see msdn docs for more info). The problem is that the attributes we are looking for are not supported by Exchange 5.x. Thus our code treats the user records as invalid and doesn't add them to the set of users to migrate.

    We have support for Exchange 5.x in our roadmap.... it's coming!

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