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Thread: [SOLVED] How to add click2call to Address Book

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    Default [SOLVED] How to add click2call to Address Book


    I'm discovering Zimbra using hosted demo.
    Is it possible to add click2call feature : whenever you click over a phone number (displayed within a contact's view) it is dialed and sent to a telephony server ?

    I know you can get click2call feature with an appropriate zimlet but I've understood zimlets can only be used within email views.


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    Default Solved

    In hosted demo, it appears that Laura Linux and Zack Zimbra have both a (Skype) clickable phone number.

    When you click on such phone number, Firefox replies callto is not associated to any program.

    From this, I would conclude it is possible to have click2call feature but I would be very curious about the way Zimbra and telephony server communicate :
    - Is it possible to pass Callee's name beside its name, as it could be helpful to log such names ?
    - Is it possible to pass user's name ?
    - Is it possible to use another program for sending faxes (as obviously, phone and fax numbers could be the same) ?
    - etc ...

    Anyway, I will mark my question as Solved.

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