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Thread: Linking to a Resource's Shared Calendar in AJAX Web Client

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    Question Linking to a Resource's Shared Calendar in AJAX Web Client

    Hi all, I sure hope there's something simple I'm missing here, and I sure hope I'm posting to the right forum...

    Using ZCS version 5.0.5 GA_2201.ubuntu6, I've created a couple of resources (conference rooms) and I've shared those resources' calendars to "PUBLIC" through the Admin Console.

    In Outlook 2003, I can choose "Open a Shared Calendar..." and pick those resource calendars out of the GAL, no problem.

    When I try the "Link to Shared Calendar" option in the Zimbra Web Client, I'm prompted for an email address. Type ahead kicks in to show me email addresses from the GAL, but it doesn't list any of my resources.

    How do I allow our users to link to these existing publicly shared calendars without my having to send individual invitations to each web client user?

    Thanks in advance for any direction you may be able to provide...
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