Some thoughts on areas for improvement in the GA web client. I'm sure some of these have been raised before, but just add my bit.

Calendar alarms
Some audible and visible alarm you can set (or perhaps is set by default) to sound x minutes prior to a calendar appointment.

Other calendar options
Tasks, appointments & reminders please.

Difficult to view small calendar items
Try creating a calendar item with a 5 minute duration. You can't see the contents on the screen. Hovering over doesn't work (not enough space) and dragging it changing the timing. Even double-clicking is tricky.

Limit on schedule attendees tab
When booking a meeting, the "Schedule attendees" tab seems limited to the first 11 people invited. If there's a way to see the others, it isn't obvious.

Address list non-intuitive
When you click on Attendees in an appointment or To: in an email it brings up the Select Addresses window. Two issues :
1. The pane showing the GAL or contact list on the left is empty until I search on something. This gives the impression that the list is empty and gives no clues about what to search on. The first few entries (or, to be clever, the most commonly used entries by that user) should appear by default.
2. The right-hand pane showing selected addresses is empty, even if addresses have been filled in already, either manually or from the Select Addresses window. At least new addresses are appended, but it really should show the addresses already there.

No "Edit as new"
Thunderbird has a nice option to "Edit as new". It's handy if, for example, you want to send similar emails to different people : send one, Edit as new, amend the email and send again.

No PGP/GPG support
Not a big deal as the people who want this will probably use Thunderbird or similar; but something to do GPG/PGP encryption would be nice. Something to automate encryption within the organisation (as Lotus Domino does) would be even nicer.

Yahoo Maps Zimlet unclear
The Yahoo Maps Zimlet appears, but I've no idea how to use it. The only clue it gives is that the address must be at least 10 characters. No clue about format or anything else. I've tried a few things and just get a blank pane.