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Thread: To: and CC: contact lookup utility issues

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    Default To: and CC: contact lookup utility issues

    I was working with the To: and Cc: contact lookup utility in the Zimbra WebUI
    and i noticed that when you want to change the contact categories (ie) change from Global Address Book to Contacts that you have to select the Contacts then click on "Ok" so the utility box closes then you have to reopen it then the contacts show up.

    Browser: Firefox
    Latest Version of Zimbra
    Also have noticed this issue using IE as well

    Also in that utility when there are many contacts you have to keep hitting next to get through all the contacts is there a way that utility could have the page numbers so they don't have to keep hitting next 6 or 7 times to get to the last page?

    Has anyone else been running into this issue??


    Eric J Lynner
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