My apologies, but I don't have any logs to contribute. I'm currently advanced support for our school's new Zimbra based environment and we're seeing some odd behavior. I'm wondering if any others are seeing the following behavior as well:

We have been experiencing problems to saving to sent mail from Thunderbird, mainly. Messages go through and it doesn't seem to matter whether users are connected via unsecure or SSL connection to our IMAP ports. Thunderbird times out or experiences a problem writing to a user's local folder during the sending process. It spits back a "Copy Failed" and asks the user if they'd like to try again. This process can take a long time. This normally happens to email with attachments but has been known to happen to standard text email as well.

In addition, copying mail from local folders to the Zimbra environment via IMAP can timeout with attachments (small ones under 2MB), sometimes after the error passes, multiples will have been created leading me to believe that what we're seeing is indexing related.

If anyone has any ideas if it's server settings we can change or any other ideas, please let me know. Thanks for you times guys and gals, just wish I could get my sent mail to save to the proper place.