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Thread: Local Archiving

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    Question Local Archiving

    I see in the Admin settings that we can enforce quotas. What I don't see are obvious options on how end users can archive their emails locally or to a server share.

    Currently we use Outlook/Exchange and want to move to Zimbra. With Outlook we simply build .pst files and archive that way.

    Just looking for options. Thanks!
    Troy Moreland

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    Zimbra was created to "fix email". Letting users archiving on their own is not "fixing email", it's "creating problems".

    Storage is cheap, add a couple big SATA HD and activate HSM on your server. You'll be able to offer bigger quotas to your user and they'll be happy (and you too because you'll only have to backup/handle your ZCS server, not the multiple PST archives on the LAN).

    If you really want users to archive on their own, do a search on the forum, you'll find ways (such as zip download of whole folders).

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