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Thread: How about rules based on message tags and sharing

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    Default How about rules based on message tags and sharing


    I am new to Zimbra, but would like to explore its possibilities.

    I have tried the demo and have found that custom tags that user are able to create for messages are not present in filter and message rules creation menu.
    I am presently using Thunderbird with the same tagging functionality and it is possible to create such rules and even tag messages automatically depending on the rule. Hence, the tags are an integrated part of the email message rules and in a collaboration environment it would be very useful.
    Have I overlooked something while trying the demo? I remember in Thunderbird it took some investigation until I found the tagging options in the filter menu!!!

    And two things more that rises a question! Why you can't share a file only or email. Is it always need to share a whole folder?

    I saw in the sharing menu that you could share with external source! Does that mean that I can share my folder with somebody that is using Zimbra on a different server and different domain?

    thank you in advance for any replies
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