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Thread: Method for Trimming down for slower machines (?)

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    Arrow Method for Trimming down for slower machines (?)

    I recently installed the debian port on a IBM thinclient (P266MMX, 256MB, 20GB, yes it worked and I realize this setup is beyond the HW reqs) and was wondering how to slim the requirements down for personal / family use. Obviously ldap is a little too serious as a user manager as could be amavis for AV (I'm asking how to use this at home... so you can assume my family knows how to stay safe). The CPU is of course hovering at 80-90% when Zimbra is in action (and strangely when Zimbra should be sleeping, what is that usage anyone?) so you can see why I am asking for a bunch of newbie tips to help out the early adopter enthusiast crowd.

    All of the performance tweaks for debian are applied all that's left is Zimbra. Does anyone have any tips others (myself) can apply? So far everything with the exception of MTA and mailbox have been turned off (including pop etc except IMAP) have been turned off in ZimbraAdmin

    thanks for any help guys!
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