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Thread: new appointment in schedule view on different calendar

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    Default new appointment in schedule view on different calendar

    i have a question regarding the schedule view:
    when i right-click into one of the calendars and chose "new appointment", the appointment is always put into the standard calendar. is there a way to put the appointment automatically into the calendar i right-clicked into? i know i can select the right calendar on the next page before saving, but i think most of the users would expect the appointment to show up in the column they right-clicked on.
    otherwise looking great...


    ps: is there a way to disable the email functionality in the frontend? i would like to use only the group calendar... (or at least a configuration switch to show the calendar after login)?
    pps: sorry if this was answered before... i searched, but probably used the wrong terms

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    Right new you need to pick the calendar yourself. We'll get it to prepopulate in the future.

    There is no way to disable email at this time. Calendar relies on it a good bit.
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    Default Still the Case?

    @KevinH I was wondering, in the current version of Zimbra (5.0.16 GA), is this still the case where new appointments MUST be in the "Calendar" calendar? Or can new appointments default into a secondary/alternate calendar?



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    Welcome to the forums,

    Be sure to vote for Bug 11627 - Allow user to specify a default calendar for new appointments

    In the AJAX client (though not HTML client) for new appointments we currently automatically select a calendar if it's the only selected.

    (Another RFE discusses using the first selected alphabetically Bug 35129 - Need a setting to pick the default calendar)
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