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Thread: right-clicks and desired features.

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    Default right-clicks and desired features.


    I'm testing Zimbra and unless some curve ball hits me when I'm not looking, I expect to launch this by the end of the trial.

    A feature that I would love to see added, is the ability to right-click on any email address in a message and select an option "Copy Email Address". Gmail has this and I find it very useful in daily operations.

    When viewing a message, there tends to be some black space to the right of the email addresses and subject. This seems like an ideal spot to put a few tool icons or message information... something...

    Shortcuts... I'm trying to use the m+r to mark messages as read... nothing seems to happen at least in FireFox. I'll search for clues after in case this is known.

    English USA/UK/AU is ok, but what about English CA? We spell some things differently up here...


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    Thanks for the post. Do you mind filing these requests in bugzilla? This is the best way of seeing enhancement requests make it into the product!
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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