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Thread: Email functionality with Zimbra - question

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    Default Email functionality with Zimbra - question

    Hi all,

    I am looking on behalf of my company for software for calendar, tasks etc., basically the normal stuff, however, one key element in our set-up would be the ability to share email folders. What I mean is when we get a client, we'd like to set up a folder for that client and whenever a mail comes in from that client, we'd like to be moved automatically to a folder that will be available to the allocated staff when they log-in to their own individual accounts.

    Does this make sense and if so, is this functionality possible in Zimbra?

    Thank you in advance,

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    zimbra does have good sharing functionality. You can share any e-mail folder you have with another person, group, or domain. Of course this is not a good idea for a central repository because if that person leaves and you delete their account then you've lost the folder.

    the better way is to create an account specificly for holding folders like this that the whole company needs access to. so you make like a account

    as far as what you're talking about with automatic e-mail repository, it could probably be done but the logistics of it make it kind of messy. If you ask that all yoru clients communicate only with the address then you can setup filters for that user to file e-mail according to sender.

    But if your clients will be communicating with one or more of your people directly, then filing automaticly could create a lot of duplication not to mention overhead because I think you would have to make postfix send a copy of every incoming e-mail to the account because last I checked there was no ability to filter to a mounted shared folder (i could be wrong but it hasn't worked for us in 5.0.x)

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    Default Functionality and integration

    Hi there,

    Thank you for the detailed reply.

    The ability to be able to share folders, so a particular folder with all client correspondence in it would be better for us on the whole as we are a smaller organization with a maximum of 7 people handling client contact at any one time.

    The idea for us is to have a client folder that anyone within a given team can deal with in the absence of a colleague, however, it's still important for us to keep logins and permissions separate for each user as information flow is also involved internally. It seems to be therefore that the ability to share a mail folder with different users of my choice if I am the main person handling the client would be the best way forward.

    As someone who knows Zimbra functionality, does this sound feasible?

    I have had a play with the online demo of Zimbra and the rest of the functionality such as calendar, tasks etc. looks just what we are looking for.

    Thank you in advance.


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