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Thread: Zimbra Shortcut

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    Default Kiosk Mode

    Quote Originally Posted by yetdog
    Anyway, what I'm looking to do is have a shortcut on the desktop that carries with it command-line parameters that would remove the address/toolbars at the top of the browser (whether it be IE or FF), so Zimbra looks more like an app and less like a page in a browser. Has anyone done this?
    Two things you can try with IE:
    1. You can put IE in "kiosk" mode that will take up the whole screen. See for more info.

    2. You can write a small VB script file that can remove the toolbars, etc when launching IE. For example, save this as a .vbs file and double click to launch:

    Dim objIE
    Set objIE = WScript.CreateObject ("InternetExplorer.Application")
    ObjIE.Toolbar = false
    objIE.Navigate ""
    objIE.Visible = true
    This will launch IE w/o the toolbar -- you can get more info on this googling

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    and is there anything permitting to launch automatically a new mail window (on the web UI) if I click on the mailto: link on another website ?

    Else, is it planned to make Zimbra compatible to the MAPI ?

    It could be a good behaviour in that it could permit to launch a new mail window in the web UI when someone sends informations from another application (like an ERP, or another software).

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    The 3.1 release includes the ability to do this:

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