I have installed Zimbra desktop and I like it. I have been searching for something comparable to Outlook and I think this is it except for a few things here and there that I havent tried.

So, my question is I would have two users at most. I would like to port all my server emails to one location as done in the desktop application. I would also like to be able to sync my blackberry with the entire process. Something cost efficient as well. I dont mind paying but not looking to pay a fortune. Also, I could use a SMTP server is that an option with Zimbra or should I be looking to buy that on its on?

I like having my task, calendar, notes and address book syncing from Outlook to Blackberry. However, if I am away from my computer I would like the option to log in and web access my information.

Sorry I tried to make that as clear as possible. If you need clarification please ask. Thanks for the Information.