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Thread: [SOLVED] how to have BCC: on compose new email

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    Question [SOLVED] how to have BCC: on compose new email

    by default to: and cc: are there. How do i set bcc: either on a per user basis, or on a global basis? I have been testing the demo account (ajax) and did not see this, or how to do it. I did see it, if I chose a user from clicking on to: or cc:

    thanks in advance

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    I don't believe there is an option to always have the BCC field show, but with 5.0.6 there is a link at the end of the CC field (all the way to the right) that will toggle showing/hiding the BCC field.

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    In Bug 18116 - Show BCC field option (I actually opened that one) for 5.0.5+ we made it one click rather than the complicated drop down menu and decided against pref/went with session only (so your open-close of BCC stays for the current ZWC session).

    Vote for / support ticket tag / cc watch this RFE:
    Bug 24876 - BCC field persistent across sessions is asking for pref or implicit pref that can be used cross-session (zimbraPrefComposeShowBcc LDAP attribute).

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