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Thread: [SOLVED] Missing messages in draft folder

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    Default [SOLVED] Missing messages in draft folder

    I'm running ZCS 5.0.6_GA_2313.UBUNTU6 on Debian Etch.

    In the webmail of one of my users the draft folders shows 1 unread message (draft(1)) but the folder contains no messages. I reindexed the mailbox but the drafts folder keeps displaying 1 unread message ?

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    The user has used a fat client such as Thunderbird to connect to the Zimbra server, this is an IMAP probelm caused by the client. Get the user to connect with Tunderbird again (or whichever client he used) and expunge or compact the folder and it will be magically fixed. This has been covered nemerous times before and a search would have found it.


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    I did do a search on 'missing message' which didn't return any relevant topics, maybe I have to learn to search ;-)

    Thanks anyway !

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