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Thread: Identities and aliases problem: wrong address given out by 5.0.6

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    Default Identities and aliases problem: wrong address given out by 5.0.6

    I've saw this problem in 5.0.4 too and ignored it assuming that it was user error, but I've seen it again and reproduced it several times...

    Problem: When I send mail using an identity that matches an alias setup for an account, Zimbra sets the from and replyto headers to the main address of that account.

    I use a catch-all sub-domain so I can give companies and groups I deal with different addresses to contact me on - so I can easily kill an address if a company/group/individual passes my address on intentionally or through lack of due diligence. I have the catch-all sub-domain pointing to my main account except addresses that now attract spam which are aliases of another account. For example:

    If I setup an identity in the account for me@doman.tld with the from and reply-to settings set to the from and reply-to headers of the outgoing mail are given as spamtrap@domain.tld and if I do the same for addr3@ (i.e. any of those not aliased elsewhere so go to me@domain.tld) the headers of the outgoing mail are set as me@domain.tld.

    As the point of using a sub-domain and identities like this is hiding the main account a bit, this defeats the purpose. Is this a bug or behaviour-as-designed for some reason? If the latter, is there any way of changing the behaviour? The accounts in question are all set to "allow sending email from any address".

    Edit: additional info:
    * If I specifically set someaddress@sub.domain.tld as an alias of me@domain.tld, outgoing mail from and identity with the address someaddress@sub.domain.tld is still always me@domain.tld despite what is set in the identity's settings.
    * If I set an identity to have an address that is not known to my local Zimbra install at all (such as, the behaviour is as desired: the outgoing mail carries headers stating and not me@domain.tld.

    Edit: additional additional info:
    * I've confirmed that if I remove the catchall and/or aliases the behaviour is as expected (i.e. the address specified for the identity is given out), and re-adding the catch-all setting recreates the problem behaviour (the address given out is the address the catchall points to, not the address in the identity)
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