I am using Thunderbird 2 on Vista to access my IMAP account with my company which is running ZCS 4.5.5 (open source) as its email server and have been using tags as my primary means of organizing my emails.

Up until now, I have been able to create and assign tags in Thunderbird without a problem, and they would show up in the Zimbra webmail as well (although if I made a tag in Thunderbird "The Tag", in the webmail it would show up as "the_tag".

However, I first noticed a problem when I tagged some emails and moved them into a saved messages folder that the tags would disappear. So in doing some investigating, it seems that any news tags I create in Thunderbird do not appear in the Zimbra webmail at all, and when I move the message with the newly created tag in my saved messages, the tags disappear.

Is there a way to manually sync tags between with Zimbra? How can I track down if this is a Thunderbird or Zimbra problem?

I searched previous posts for an answer but didn't see that anyone else even had a similar problem. I also searched Thunderbird's knowledge base but didn't find an answer and have a similar help request out on their forums.

Any help is appreciated.