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Thread: Saving / exporting documents

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    Unhappy Saving / exporting documents

    Folks, I've been up a long time--if I'm missing the painfully obvious, please forgive me.

    I've downloaded and am evaluating the Network Edition, and am having an issue with documents.

    If I import/upload a Word document into Briefcase, I can edit the document using my local copy of Word. But when I go to save it, I can only save it on my local PC. How do I save my changes to the uploaded document on the server? How does someone else collaborate on it and save her changes to the document on the server for others to see?

    On the other hand, if I import/upload a Word document into a Zimbra Notebook, I can edit the document using Zimbra's rich text editor, but I can only save my changes on the server. Someone else can edit the document on the server and save her changes on the server. But when everyone's finished, how does one download/export the final document/Word file back onto one's local PC?

    Do I need to somehow move the Notebook page over to Briefcase, open it in Word, and then save it to the PC that way? If that's the case, how do I move a Notebook page over to Briefcase?

    Thank you for any help--I'm feeling a little bit silly even asking this.

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    Documents are more of a wiki-like existence... they live on the server, you create/edit using the rich editor within the ZWC client.

    Notebook - if you want to be able to save directly to it, you need to mount your Briefcase as a WebDAV driver letter on your PC.

    Briefcase - Zimbra :: Wiki

    You can use the built-in Network Places within Windows XP supposedly, although there are a few workarounds for Office, etc. Or you can use NetDrive (as I have tested), which is not supported but you can find for free floating around the 'Net (used to be from Novell). WebDAV allows you to map a drive letter to your Briefcase, so that you open and save directly from Office apps...


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    Thanks, Greg. I'll try mounting the Briefcase as a dav drive letter and see how that goes. Glad I wasn't just missing the obvious!


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