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Thread: N810 Users Fix for email client IMAP

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    After upgrading my Nokia N810 to the newest (diablo) firmware. My email hasn't worked. I knew they switched email clients to the new Modest client after setting up my account on my n810 about 5 times with different account details (always using IMAP) I would get the same result. A drafts folder would pop up and it would say connecting indefinitely.

    Come to find out that the Modest client uses IMAP-IDLE and after some googling I also find out that it is disabled by default in zimbra.

    To find out whether or not IMAP-IDLE is enabled on your server:
    su - zimbra or sudo su zimbra (which ever you prefer)
    zmlocalconfig | grep nio_imap_enable
    if your output looks like this:
    nio_imap_enable = false
    nio_imap_enabled = false
    and you do want to enable IMAP-IDLE you can run this command:
    zmlocalconfig -e nio_imap_enable=true
    zmlocalconfig -e nio_imap_enabled=true
    and finally you can restart your server with:
    zmcontrol stop && zmcontrol start

    Congratulations! Your freshly upgraded N810 works with Zimbra!
    The only issue I have found so far is that for some reason I keep getting a tag created called $Label1 other than that IMAP is working on N810
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