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Thread: Zimbra Desktop release date???

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    Default Zimbra Desktop release date???

    Hi Guys,

    Anybody here know when Zimbra will release Zimbra Desktop officially?

    I am looking for an offline client since none of the options for Apple satisfy my requirements. Like using Isync + Ical you are not able to allocate resources This is big deal! Now, I am trying Mulberry as a client... But I guess the perfect offline client for Zimbra is the Zimbra Desktop when all the bugs are cleared (like able to see shared Calendar, etc)

    Is there any date for the release of Zimbra Desktop?

    Thanks a lot!



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    Zimbra does not like to give out exact release dates I would just keep my eyes and ears open they sometimes like to drop "hints" but I havnt seen anything either I know there are still a few bugs in ZD that need to be worked out. Hope this helps
    Eric J Lynner
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynner View Post
    sometimes like to drop "hints"
    We do have targets, but about all I'm allowed to tell you is that the Beta 3 release date is shortly We'll let the lead state a more exact if he wants, but you can subscribe to the Zimbra :: Blog & the announcements section to know within a few minutes of it coming out.

    Urgent - Happening now or drop what you're doing.
    Give me a few seconds - But count by minutes and maybe even hours unless it's urgent.
    Momentarily - In progress, but I didn't say how fast.
    In a few minutes - At 1:48AM the following morning.
    Today - Tonight at 11:59PM (we didn't give a timezone)
    Coming tomorrow morning - Still morning in India right?
    Tomorrow - By 5:00PM that day of course.
    This week - Somewhere between M-F
    Very Soon - We should get it out this week, but can we include Saturday & Sunday?
    Next week - Still on target for the following week. Hurray!
    Shortly - Sometime around late next week, plus weekends.
    Coming Soon - Shortly + 1 week.
    We're wrapping things up - 3 to 6 weeks.
    Look for it within the month - 'Just after' the start of the 4th week.
    Beginning in (next month) - Beginning first day of the month after the previously stated one.
    A few months - In 2 to 4 months.
    In the upcoming months - We've just finished the concept and we'll start working on it in the coming weeks.
    In the coming weeks - So it'll be available in a few months.
    Q2 - Day before Q3 (repeat same for other quarters)
    This year - By December 31st
    Early next year - Summer of said year.
    Planned - When it's done, it made it to the list didn't it?
    This year's holiday season - we didn't specify which holiday did we?
    We're finishing this feature up now - When we feel like it, but we're not stuck or out of ideas, it just takes some time.
    January or maybe even March - Do you really expect it Jan or Feb?
    Until the problem is fixed with an update, use the following workaround - We'll fix that eventually, sit tight.
    Days of the week for Zimbra Time include:
    Monday - Yeah enough said.
    Tuesday - We good to go?
    Wednesday - One more thing!
    Thursday - Let's pick a target date at the Thursday meeting.
    Friday - Can it wait till next Monday?
    Flavio, vote for Bug 19182 - Support sync'ing shared folders (mail, contacts, calendar...) in zimbra desktop (it's planned but not finished yet)
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