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Thread: Congrats to Zimbra Devs

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    Default Congrats to Zimbra Devs

    Just thought I'd post a quick congrats and thanks. Zimbra is an amazing piece of work.

    I've just finished a quite basic install of 3.0.0 (yes, I'll do 3.0.1 in a day or two) for my company. We now have a few users on it, with probably 5-10 within the next few days. If all goes well in testing over the next 2 weeks, I'd expect to roll it out live by the end of the month.


    That said I'd like to make one point/suggestion: support 64bit fully. More and more companies are moving to 64bit arch (we are, entirely) and shoehorning a 32bit app onto a 64 bit OS is a bit ugly. I've had to disable AV and AS for now, and it also appears the logger does not work on a 64bit OS. I assume its the same perl issues that AV/AS had, although I haven't verfied that yet.

    If you need any 64bit instances to test/compile I might even be able to provide that

    Thanks! Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks for the note. 64bit is really just a re-compile. The larger issue is we'd need to double the number of build machines and QA boxes in all our automated suites. It's on the list but we hope to expand platform support a little more before we officially add the 64bit variable. If you see somethings that block 64bit in your env feel free to drop a bug in bugzilla.
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