Just thought I'd post a quick congrats and thanks. Zimbra is an amazing piece of work.

I've just finished a quite basic install of 3.0.0 (yes, I'll do 3.0.1 in a day or two) for my company. We now have a few users on it, with probably 5-10 within the next few days. If all goes well in testing over the next 2 weeks, I'd expect to roll it out live by the end of the month.


That said I'd like to make one point/suggestion: support 64bit fully. More and more companies are moving to 64bit arch (we are, entirely) and shoehorning a 32bit app onto a 64 bit OS is a bit ugly. I've had to disable AV and AS for now, and it also appears the logger does not work on a 64bit OS. I assume its the same perl issues that AV/AS had, although I haven't verfied that yet.

If you need any 64bit instances to test/compile I might even be able to provide that

Thanks! Keep up the good work!