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Thread: Address Book / To: wierdness

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    Default Address Book / To: weirdness

    We've imported Outlook PST files with no problems.

    However, when the the outlook contacts got imported, something is odd now in the Zimbra Address Book and new email To: address book.

    When you look at the contacts in Address Book, the former Outlook Contacts looks ok, meaning you see them listed ok, everything is there.

    But when you create a new email, and click the To: the contacts listed here not only have more contacts but also has doubles, and ones that were not listed in the Address Book.

    I dunno where these came from, I'm guessing Outlook....?
    But how do I delete these? and the doubles? Because the To: address book doesn't allow you to delete.

    I hope that made sense, cause it's hard to describe....

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