I am freaking out, after we upgraded to 5.0.8 my favorite Zimbra web client feature is gone as far as I can tell--the ability to right click on the sender name of a message, and getting the "Edit" command allowing you to edit any message as new.

It allowed me to create and create templates, and to keep common messages in ready response. In fact I even did some user education of this feature (see "Cursed By My Own Hubris?" below.)

What happened? Please tell me I am not the only one that cared!

Chris @ DPM

Cursed By My Own Hubris?
This was sent out as training material on April 8th:
"In Zimbra, you can make any email a 'template' in order to reuse it. It doesn't matter whether you are the person that created it, or whether is in your Inbox. You can repurpose any message from any folder!

Select an email from the message list. Right-click on the name of the sender (or recipient) of that message to pop-up a contextual menu. If you did it right, you should see an item in the menu called 'Edit'. (Mac users can control-click if they don't have a multi-button mouse.) This will create a message with exactly the same contents as the one you selected. "