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Thread: Zimbra 4.5.11 web client consumes too much memory in IE7

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    Default Zimbra 4.5.11 web client consumes too much memory in IE7

    We are evaluating the ZCS 4.5.11 open source edition and observed that in IE7 zimbra web client consumes too much memory and user is facing delays in geeting the responses on each user action.

    I also observed that on every click of new tab like options memory usage is getting increased when seen i Task manager.

    Has anyone seen or faced such a problem?

    Do anyone has idea about its resolution in any higher versions of zimbra like 5.0 or any higher version?

    Any help or pointer in this topic will be highly appreciated.

    Thanking you in antcipation.


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    I would consider an upgrade to 5.0.8

    There have been lots of improvements since the 4.5.x series, though there are more features in 5.0.x (and therefore more code) we now do more lazy loading plus we switched to jetty server side which is a huge performance enhancement over tomcat.

    Simply that 'the memory increases on tab click' kinda doesn't mean much, as loading more code can very well mean more memory usage. BTW Safari & FF are much faster at JavaScript rendering. Plus your workstation & server specks play a role too...

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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks a lot for quick reply and providing valuable information.

    Can you please provide me any link or pointer which identifies that 4.5.11 version has memory/loading issues in IE7?

    Also loading of js,css files was also happening in 4.5.6 version then why suddenly it is failing for 4.5.11 and that too specifically IE 7 browser.?

    Just wondering whether dom nodes are getting closed properly in the browser.

    This information will help me in building my understanding.


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