i have installed at my firm zimbra collaborative suite 4.0.4
i have a common problem, all my users are using outlook as their mail client and in pop3. the problem comes when one of the users gets a new computer, the new outlook installation will see the account as a new one, even after i migrate the outlook data files from the old computer to the new 1, outlook will still attempt to download the whole mailbox again.

what i do is log onto the mail account, create a backup folder, and manually move mails from inbox to that new backup folder, each page displays 100 mails max, which of course means if a user has about 20k mails or so it's gonna be a tedious job doing this.

what i'm looking for is a workaround that i might not know of that would prevent outlook from downloading all the mailbox again (like a cache file i gotta backup or something) or a way for zimbra to automatically archive mails in the inbox weekly or daily or on whatever time basis i wish.

please any help guidance tips or links would help.

thanks in advance.