I will try not to whine - but my internet provider changed their webmail to Zimbra because it is easier for THEM to administrate. It offers many features and I don't need any of them. It is hard to read because the columns are not customizable and I can only see the first part of the first name of
the sender and it will not adjust in the usual ways. None of the columns can be deleted. I don't need flags and tags or to know that all the email in the Inbox is in the Inbox folder or how big it is. Highlighting the unread is enough to notify me that I have not read it.

It also times me out all the time and I have to type in my password because FireFox refuses to remember me on my computer. I am on an Intel Mac running Leopard and using Firefox. Changing providers is mind boggling, and there is
no insurance against other providers going all Zimbra/Outlookie on me.

Is there any help for we simple people who just want to read our e-mail, reply and sometimes Attach? Don't need calendar. Don't need Contact manager, don't need alarms or alerts, ....did that sound like whining?