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Thread: Calendar default reminder bug?

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    Unhappy Calendar default reminder bug?

    I was hoping others might confirm this, in Zimbra 5.0.8 NE (we are running on Mac OS X 10.4 Server):

    I have my default reminders to be 30 minutes. It works fine as a default if: 1.) I right-click inside the calendar grid and select "New Appointment", or 2.) I create an event by dragging to draw a new event. Each of those techniques produces a new event that has the notifications set to my 30 minutes.

    HOWEVER: If I go to the "New" menu in the toolbar and select "New Appointment" it sets the reminder to "Never".

    Anybody else seeing this?

    Thank you,
    Chris @ DPM
    Version 6.0.16_GA_2998.NETWORK Apr 4, 2012 MACOSXx86
    Xserve 2x Dual Core Xeons 10GB with Xserve RAID

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    This appears fixed in 5.0.9 builds, though I don't know what bug it was corrected in. (I do see what you're talking about on a 5.0.8 instance.)

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    I can confirm that... and even if I save it from a default under preferences. It will keep the first change but not anytime I may change it later. Also once you change it by your method (right click or double click), it will stay as that reminder time until then.

    Does anyone have the bug number that this issue references?

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    The bug being referenced in this thread is found here.. I think and is not resolved.

    Bug 30466 – appointment reminder preference only works with quick add checked

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