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Thread: Moving an install to a different server

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    Default Moving an install to a different server

    Currently I installed Zimbra under a Virtual Machine using Microsoft Virtual Server, and although this works for does seem to be a little "slow" and I am NOT pointing the finger at zimbra (for those who like to flame ); I am pointing the finger at the VM. Now, what I will want to do eventually is move the whole configuration to a different dedicatied server as other people may be using it.

    Is there an easy way to (easily) move configuration from server to server?
    (I haven't become very familiar with the documentation/wiki yet so I'm sorry if its in there).

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    The answer would depend on which operating system you're on and moving to and I assume it's the OS version of Zimbra. The simplest answer is to backup the /opt/zimbra directory, install the same operating system on the new machine and install the same release of Zimbra. When you've done that shutdown the new copy of Zimbra and restore your backed-up /opt/zimbra directory over the new one, next install Zimbra again and that should give you a working system. I'm also assuming that you will have the same hostname for the new server and that you will block incoming mail while this is being done.

    You'll find some backup articles in the wili here:Backup and Restore Articles - Zimbra :: Wiki There are also many threads in the forums on moving to a new server, have a search and read those then post again if you have any questions.


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    If the above url's didn't help you could also review:

    Ajcody-Notes - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Pay attention to the comments about 32 to 64 bit and also memory (RAM) differences between source and target machine.

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