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Thread: [SOLVED] su (switch user) does not work on users created with zimbra bulk provisionin

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    Default [SOLVED] su (switch user) does not work on users created with zimbra bulk provisionin

    Hi everyone.

    Been doing some migration from Qmail on a Unix box to Zimbra.

    Followed Greg's guide and after some struggles got it working on CentOS 5.1.

    My tests work fine; that is the part of creating a user on Zimbra and using the Posix and Samba extensions to join to groups and a domain, creating a home directory for the user and running the smbclient on such users. This works for all users OK.

    The only problem is that with users created singly (one by one) on the Zimbra interface, I can successfully su to their profiles. But for users created with the bulk provisioning script, I get the error:

    su: /bin/bash not a directory.

    What I think is that the system sees their homes as /bin/bash yet I have set this to /home/user and can see that on the posix Tab of the user account.

    I've also checked the ldap attributes for the test accounts successful with su and compared them to those of the problematic accounts created by bulk provisioning and the look similar as far as the home and login shell + other attributes are concerned.

    With this, I suspect my Samba wont work fine. Anyone out there Please help.


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    Default su

    Sorry guys, created my scripst on a tired mind and set the shell to /bin/bash instead of /bin/bash

    Will try and ask the very necessary questions next time.

    Thanks people though

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    Mugo, do you have a copy of the script you used to do the bulk provisioning? I'd be interested in adpating it to my use as I have just got my samba/zimbra server working and will need to migrate users.

    I've put another post up about migrating from zimbra to zimbra/samba, but so far no replies.


    Mark Hawkins


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