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Thread: Outlook and IMAP Folders

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    Default Outlook and IMAP Folders

    Sorry for all the posts-- another issue I am seeing regarding folders:

    First, I am using outlook but not the outlook connector. I simply have set up an IMAP account and this all works fine getting to a virtual user with Zimbra.


    (i) If I create a folder in Zimbra, for some reason I cannot see the folder in outlook.

    (ii) vice versa, if I create a folder in outlook, it is picked up in Zimbra and seen.

    (iii) Even if I create the folder as a sub-folder of a folder like "Inbox", still can't be seen in the outlook client.

    Very very strange. Any thoughts here?

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    Did you subscribe to the new Folder in outlook?

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    Default Subscribing to folders in outlook

    Ok, that was bizzare. I had tried doing so previously but the folders were not showing up. Now all is well though.


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