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Thread: 5.0.9 - HTML editor keystrokes in adv. web client

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    Default 5.0.9 - HTML editor keystrokes in adv. web client

    After upgrade to 5.0.9, it looks like the javascript keystroke code is not over-riding Firefox's (3) keystrokes... for example, in the HTML editor (create new mail window):
    Ctrl-B no longer does bold, it switches from HTML to plain-text mode
    Ctrl-I no longer does italic, it brings up the sidebar (History)
    Ctrl-U no longer does underline, it shows the HTML source
    Alt-S no longer sends, it does the History drop-down (Ctrl-S still works)

    Zimbra 5.0.9 NE RHELx86_64, FF 3.0.1

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    Yeah, I am seeing the same behaviour on our test server that I just upgraded to 5.0.9.

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