I am finally migrating completely away from Thunderbird (using IMAP) to Zimbra Web Client 4.x. However, one of the annoyances I have is that the web app feels less like an app and more like a web page when the browser window it's in has the navigation bar, bookmarks toolbar, etc... I use Firefox on Linux as my client and at first I thought maybe I could launch Firefox with command line options to suppress the toolbars so that only Zimbra's application showed up (kind of like pop-up ads do from time to time). But there were no options to do that.

Then a web developer friend of mine sent me a snippet of Javascript code which does what I want, with one glaring problem. It opens the Zimbra login screen in a browser window with no toolbars, so Zimbra really looks more like an application. However, since it's a pop-up Javascript script, there is a blank parent window that has to open in the running browser. Quite annoying...

Here's the script I'm using for now in a file called "zimbra.html" that is stored locally on my workstation:

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript" > window.open('http://zimbra.mydomain.com', 'Zimbra', config='height=768,width=1024,status=yes') </SCRIPT>
That led me to wonder, is there a way to formulate the Zimbra URL itself to open a new window with no toolbars? Any ideas?