I just recently started to use only the ZCS web client in an effort to learn the ups and downs of the web client for training purposes. One thing I've discovered is that there is no obvious way to know when new messages arrive. However, instead of asking where a "new message" notification is (I know there isn't one and that I can file a feature request), I'd like to know what other people have done to overcome this.

We migrated to Zimbra last November, and I had been using Thunderbird via IMAP with Zimbra. But I've decided to quit Thunderbird, cold turkey, last week. I spent the time needed to manually recreate my Thunderbird mail filters in Zimbra since I like my Inbox to stay empty. Along the way I discovered that not only can I file the messages into folders, but I can tag them too. This seems somewhat useful, and I'm already experimenting with the possibilities.

In light of that view, I am wondering if there are any other ways to flag "new mail" for instant viewing? One thought I just had is to set up an advanced search rule that will only show me mail sent "Today". That way no matter where it is filed or how it is tagged, I can see everything from today... Any other ideas?