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Thread: Short appointments are awkward illegible

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    Default Short appointments are awkward illegible

    If you set up an appointment for 10 minutes (e.g. 2:15 - 2:20) in the Day view you cannot see any text at all for that appointment.

    Also, it would be nice if you could set up an appointment for 2:23
    That happens in the real world.

    In my own business, we frequently have several 10 minute appointments strung together. Your calendar day view is very difficult to read with that sort of thing. Also short appointments are awkward to edit.

    Suggestion: a view that automatically adjusts itself to the time scale of the appointments entered. If the appointments are 5 minutes, scale it so 5 minute appointments are clearly legible.

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    Good suggestions, please file them into bugzilla.
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    I see this is filed as RFE 24365 and is still open four years later.

    I've posted how I'm working around this as a comment to that bug. Copy here:

    This requires hand-editing a file and you will need to redo this whenever you
    upgrade Zimbra.

    This applies to Zimbra 5 and affects all users. I haven't (yet) tested this on
    Zimbra 6.

    cd /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/js
    vi Calendar_all.js (back it up first)
    search for where the HOUR_HEIGHT variable is defined, it should be the topmost
    result. It is ZmCalColView._HOUR_HEIGHT = 42 by default.
    Change this to a multiple of 42 (ie 84 to give 15-minute increments) and save.

    cp ZimbraMail_all.js ZimbraMail_all.js.
    gzip -S zgz ZimbraMail_all.js.
    zimbra stop; zimbra start

    You will need to clear your (users') browser cache for it to show.

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