Hello everybody.

I've been playing with zimbra for a couple of months and it has amazing features !

Now I am facing a real case and I hope my customer really take the chance to drop away Exchange and hold on to Zimbra !!

But well, as part of this deal Zimbra must satisfy certain requirements and there are some of them that I don't know where I can start to work on. I hope someone can tell me some paths, here I go:

1. I need a programmatic way to share and subscribe folders for multiple users. I expected zmprov to do the work but it just dind't help me out. Can anybody tell me where can I start to look over?.
2. I am using the OCS version and I have just started to use the "Yet another backup script" (thanks heinzg). Now, my customer need to restore SPECIFIC user folder to a SPECIFIC location ... the restore process must not overwrite current folders and must be able to restore info into new folders (Exchange does something similar and restore is done over a new folder "Restored items <date>".

I hope somebody can give me some info to start invetigating on this topics.

Best regards.