SpamAssassin has been woorking great.

However, lately, I've been getting a single SPAM message. Somehow the sender has gotton around the auto block on the images. I've included the code from the e-mail below.

Anyway, when I open my e-mail, it's automatically displaying the image...thus confirming the existance of the spam-ee's adress.

I was wondering if they had figured out a workaround to the image-blocking...or what.

<FONT face=3DArial size=3D2><A href=3D"http://prkffa.plestshoe.info/?23075838"><IMG alt=3D"" =
hspace=3D0=20= src=3D"cid:000301c64a92$2fd0c6d0$aa0fa8c0@sanya" align=3Dbaseline=20 border=3D0>
I report it as spam, but I just don't think spam assassin is designed to catch this type of thing.