I have a question about the platforms zimbra OSS 6.0 will support.

Zimbra Product Portal

I am interested in opensuse and fedora. For both platforms old EOL'ed versions are listed.
Open Suse 10 and fedora 7 are already EOL'ed and their successors are also EOL'ed by the time you plan on releasing 6.0.

FYI the projected EOL times
SUSE Linux Lifetime - openSUSE
openSUSE 10.2 - November 30th 2008 (current projection)
openSUSE 10.3 - October 31st 2009 (current projection)
openSUSE 11.0 - June 30th 2010 (current projection)

LifeCycle - FedoraProject
Fedora 7 is end of live as of june 13, 2008
Fedora 8 will be EOL'ed by the end of 2008 (1 month after fedora 10 is released)
Fedora 9 will be EOL'ed in the summer of 2009 (1 month after fedora 11 is released)