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Thread: reply does not show in webclient

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    Default reply does not show in webclient


    Today I again received a "empty" reply mail from a customer.
    Meaning I thought the customer just hit 'reply' and 'send' on my mail, without any further input from him.

    The webclient didn't show any content, not in the preview, not on opening the message itself.
    In the past, I simply deleted these mails thinking them an error.

    on this particular mail, I hit reply, because I was waiting for the customer's answer. To my surprise, the reply window showed the customer's reply together with html code. the same happens with print preview.

    That particular customer, I know, uses a HTML layout and css style on his mails.
    In there, something must conflict with the way the webclient presents messages.

    I've included an excerpt of the original text below to give an idea of its contents. If need be, I'll send the full text to a zimbra employee.

    best regards
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