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    Default Filters: catchall forwarding filter

    I want to put a catchall filter at the end of my list that automatically carbons anything that made it through out to my Blackberry -- until I get a better answer to the 'getting mail on your Blackberry' issue; my 7100i won't even run the generic zme client -- but I can't find a way to do it.

    I know how to write the rule, but there's no TRUE condition on the pulldown menu in the top half of the rule-builder.

    Should I say "From" "Contains" "@"? That looks like it would work, but it seems inelegant.

    Should I feech an "Always" choice for that pulldown menu?

    Alternatively, I see that, in Preferences->Mail->Receiving, there's a way to autocarbon everything, and while I assume that that it's post-AV, post-spam, I am not clear on whether it's post-filtering or not; the documentation doesn't seem to say. A quick test suggests that it carbons *first*, which means it won't help me.

    So, what's the recommended solution to this?

    Self-thread-jack: who does filtering? The webclient? Or the LMAP delivery server? IE: if you set up filters using the webclient, will IMAP see the messages delivered there if you never again fire up the webclient?
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