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Thread: Forward/Reply inline images problems

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    Default Forward/Reply inline images problems

    I having a very strange problem here. I will give my situation here: send an inline images email to

    So preview the email. No problem. Images displayed perfectly.

    So wish to forward this email to So the right-clicked on the mail and choosed "Forward" and enter then click send.

    Now here is the problem. received corrupted image when I tried for first time. But after few time tested, just by doing the same things without changing any settings or preferences, able to see the image properly.

    After I examined, when user3 are able to see the image properly is when the images in the inline was attached in the attachments list (automatically and randomly); user3 are unable to see the image when the image in the inline was NOT attached in the attachments list.

    Why the system will be inconsistency? I also received complain from user that the signature will changing itself (system) alternatively. User only had one signature, let's call it signature A, saved in the preference and set it to default signature. After few days, user wish to change the format of the signature and save it by replacing the old one, so let's call the new signature as signature B. So now the problem occurred that the signature changing itself alternatively to A and B itself.

    Anyone facing this problems?? What is the factor you guys suspected?

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    As a datapoint, I have a client who does mail with Thunderbird 2, and forwards a fair amount of mail traffic with attached emails and images.

    We have found that various mailers around the net, notably WebTV and AOL, tend to wrap images in various different ways as they attach them, and this directly affects whether they're easy to forward, and indeed, whether they can reliably be forwarded at all without detaching and reattaching them.

    This may be pertinent to your problem, though I don't have details to hand of what works[1] and what does not.

    [1]SANS thinks that "What Works" is their trademark[2].
    [2]SANS is pretty stupid, huh?
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    I have tested all these within the same mail server. I send to another user in the zimbra, but he still having corrupted images.

    I was suspected this was the composing problem in Zimbra's text editor.

    Im not sure was it server problem or the web client problem. Because my situation was a bit different. I have a cluster for the zimbra server. So will it be affecting it?

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