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Thread: Likeliness of a RFE implemented in ZCS 6

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    Default Likeliness of a RFE implemented in ZCS 6

    At our office here, we need to write emails in many languages (English and French), but the Zimbra spell check feature is only in French.

    We need the ability to switch the spell check language as we see fit, on a per-user basis (we can't change the whole system for a user writing an english email while another user is writing a french one).

    I know this situation is valid for any multi-lingual businesses.

    I came accross bug 22255, which appears to go in the direction I need, however there's no sign of activity since last August, after I voted and left a comment.

    This feature is very important, we would be a great argument for selling Zimbra in multi-lingual businesses.

    I guessed that such an important feature, with 7 votes, would be included in ZCS 6.0, but it's not in the list of features to add or bugs to fix. It's not in the list of things to fix for ZCS 5.0.10 and 5.0.11 either.

    For some organizations, this may be a blocker.

    I hate telling people to use the browser's spell checker rather than the spell check icon.

    Is there any chance to have RFE 22255 included in a future, but not to distant, release?

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    Some browsers have integrated spell checkers, in several languages and you can use them.

    FF3 has it already, I hope IE8 will have it too.
    And maybe when ZCS6 will be out, everybody will be using FF3 8)

    Anyway, you need to be able to change the spell checker language on an _email_ basis not user basis (because the same user can write in several languages).

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