This is my first post, so be gentle!

This pertains to the Web Client. I'm using a hosted Zimbra account (say,, plus one external Gmail IMAP account (say, In the left-hand navigation of my Email tab, I see my usual set of email folders for the Zimbra account, and then I see a separate section containing my Gmail IMAP folders.

When I am in one of the Gmail IMAP folders and hit "New Email", the default FROM address is "". I was expecting the Web Client to recognize I'm looking at the external account's folders and automatically choose "" for the FROM field.

When I am in one of the Gmail IMAP folders and hit "Reply" or "Forward" to a message where "" is not in the recipient list (e.g. the email was sent to a distribution list), then the same thing happens - Zimbra chooses "" by default. I would prefer it to recognize that I am in an external folder and probably want to use the external address "". Note that I solved this one by creating a separate persona for "" and setting it to be used whenever I replied to any message in the Gmail folders.

Am I missing something? I searched the forums and Bugzilla but couldn't find any mention of this problem. This is a big deal to me - I'm using Zimbra to manage both my personal and work email (my personal email is the primary account), and when firing off new work email messages it is likely I will forget to change the FROM field each time! Right now, I have attached a default signature to all my accounts & personas with a big banner reminding me to check the FROM field before sending the email.