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Thread: TIP: How to view today's tasks

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    Default TIP: How to view today's tasks

    Until Zimbra supports this directly, I figured out a way to get a list of today's tasks, past-due tasks, etc. using Saved Searches.

    1. Create 2 folders: Tasks and Completed Tasks.
    2. Whenever you complete a task, move it to the Completed Tasks folder.
    3. Then create the following Saved Searches:
      • in:tasks appt-end:+0day (today's tasks)
      • in:tasks appt-end:+1day (tomorrow's tasks)
      • in:tasks appt-end:+0week (this week's tasks)
      • in:tasks appt-end:<+0day (past-due tasks)

    According to the search grammar, I should be able to query within attribute fields directly (e.g. search the last name of contacts using "#lastname:Jones"). I was hoping to find something for tasks like "#status:Completed", but alas no luck (hence the Completed Tasks folder workaround). I even tried going through the source code but the code is so well abstracted that I couldn't figure out where to find a list of these indexed fields (if a Zimbra employee is reading this, perhaps you can help?).

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    That's a nice hack. I definately second that we need the ability for tasks to be able to be set for a certain day. And then notify us.
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